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Axel Le Baron et Kurbatov EP

Axel Le Baron & Kurbatov Ep by DARLING RECORDS

Here's some news from the label . the new release is Out today on Beatport and all good digital places Label founders teamed up to bring you a 3 tracks fully loaded of vintage synths, great beats and fresh vocals that will be stucked in your head.

This release introduce a new sound for Darling Records, house music pop flavoured without breaking with label roots. Each song has been remixed by top notch producers such as Play Paul , Big Dope P and Romain Tranchart from Modjo for 3 different approaches more dancefloor-friendly but still remain true to original songs spirit. Great feedbacks received with support from such lovely Dj's/Producer like Armand Van Helden, Alex Gopher, Don Rimini, His Majesty André, Chrissy Murderbot, Bag Raiders, Franki Chan ( Iheartcomix ) and The Henchmen to named just few.

Thank You All

Here's the link to buy the release:

www.beatport.com www.itunes.apple.com

Here's the link to listen the release: www.soundcloud.com

Contacts : Press : press@darling-records.com General inquiries / Booking : info@darling-records.com

Recent releases , still fresh : "First Releases" including Dj Sneak, Axel Le Baron, Kurbatov and Rico The Wizard "Rock & Dolls"Ep by Axel Le Baron + a remix by Kurbatov Darling Records 2011, Paris France www.darling-records.com

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