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The Nasty Show invite au Marx le 7 mai!


4 invitations sont à gagner! Les 4 premiers mails à laurent@luxuriant.lu avec la réponse à la question suivante :"Qui sont les deux co-animateurs du Nasty Show sur Radio Ara le samedi de 14h à 16h?"

The nasty show invite ... au Marx!

vendredi 7 mai - 20h-3h - Marx Bar - 42 rue de Hollerich - 7€

2 dancefloors : inside & on their superbe terrasse !!!

The Criime/DJ set

Fabio and Andrea (born in Luxembourg/1989) got into music since they were children… and have created their own electro firstly under the name ''flashyrock' which was a trash-electro dj project then later in december 2009 under the name of ''the criime''.
Since december 2009 the criime have been working a lot on groovy mixes and bouncy tracks and remixes ; a mix between french electro , dirty-dutch, minimal, midget, techno, ..
Their mixes and tracks have already got good feedbacks by blogs and international djs (Brodinski, Sound Of Stereo , Congorock, Mr Oizo, ..).
BRODINSKI (Turbo Records) : '' Cool! I love the beginning. It's so groovy man! ''
CONGOROCK (Fool's Gold Records) : ''this track is interesting, sounds pretty big too!''
SOUND OF STEREO(Lektroluv Records) : ''Really like the drums and the lead! Really good groove!''
KWISTAX (Freaks'N'Geeks) : ''Nice one! Will play it next time. ''
They've been playing next to some big names (The Bloody Beetroots, Mr. Oizo, Congorock, The Subs, ..) and will release their first EP soon.
Those 2 young talented producers have just started and you should follow them closely..


The Gameboys

From MontpelYEAH to Ireland and Luxembourg, The Gameboys are a bleakly ironic, yet indulgently hypersexual electro tech house minimal duo, an odyssey through music. Brought together by their love for all things electronic and counter culture flair for style and personal projection, these boys know that a good party transcends all genres, from Electro to Minimal, Tech-House to Techno, these crazy hedonists know how to throw a party.
Having already shared a stage with the likes of Mark Moore, James Harcourt, The Loose Cannons, Tom Hades, Backstage Sluts and more, these kids are on a whirlwind tour of electric discovery. Two boys. One game. Electronica.


The Young'uns

The Young'uns aka Tim Oé & Christal is a new DJ and Producer Duo from Dudelange in the South of Luxembourg.For Neither one of the young artists ,"the YNGNS" is the first musical project: Chris,for example was part of the Band Christal and Crack,which was very successful with its Electro Sound in Luxembourg.They released an album and played in every known club and festival of the area. Tim however,lived in Frankfurt,Germany for three years where he focused on his solo project.Even though he regularly played at several parties in the "Rhein-Main-Gebiet",he was more comitted to his productions,which were released on the labels of top artists of the international Tech House scene like for example Guy Gerber and Nima Gorji.Some releases were even supported and played by Superstars like Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano. Together Chris and Tim are bringing organic and warm Tech-House Sound to the dancefloors of Luxembourg,which is currently dominated by a Hype of Electro à la française.Their groovy "Summer Sound" is also the main characteristic of their productions which are always danceable and have a touch of Old School House. Be ready!

Luxuriant dj crew

The Moulinex bros. aka V-one & Kuston Beater

Dj Doublekick / The nasty show

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