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24 heures électroniques : gagnez 2 places!


Bravinthemix vous fait gagner deux places pour les 24 heures éléctroniques le 24 avril 2010 à la Rockhal de Esch sur Alzette!

Programme : Birdy Nam Nam, Does It Offend You Yeah?, Zombie Nation, Crackhoe...

Les deux premiers mails à laurent@luxuriant.lu et c'est gaaaaaaagné! (accent Philippe Risoli)


This year’s edition of the 24 Heures Electroniques is already the third and will be headlined by Birdy Nam Nam. As usual, during the day the festival will be dedicated to electronic music in all its varieties with a multitude of workshops and conferences.

For three years now, the 24 Heures Electroniques have become the indispensable event for fans of electronic music. There will be workshops for discovery and enhanced skills, conferences that procure all the knowledge you need… and off course, once darkness has fallen, concerts until the end of the night.

This year, the program is particularly exquisite: Birdy Nam Nam from France are going to play in the Club, and besides Justice and Daft Punk, they are considered as one of the best live acts there is. Their latest album, “Manual for successful rioting”, was a huge success and the following concerts all got excellent reviews. Do not miss them… you might regret it later!

Another big one in the program of the 2010 edition: Does it offend you, yeah? from England. Despite their enigmatic name, many consider them as the worthy successors of Prodigy; a band they are going to tour with through Australia very soon. There’s nothing better to boil over a heated audience than punk spirit that is maliciously hidden in machine-like electronic sound.

Zombie Nation is a Techno/Electro project of the German DJ and producer Florian Senfter (alias Splank). In 1999, his first maxi was released on the Gigolo Records label of the famous DJ Hell. In 2002, he founded his own label (Dekathlon Records). In 2007, the title “Lower State of Consciousness”, the fruit of a collaboration with the Canadian Tiga, toured the world. Today, Zombie Nation gives one of the most popular live performances around the nightspots of the entire world!

Like every year, the Rockhal will present as well the crème de la crème of Luxembourg's electro scene, this year with Hal Flavin, who will perform their first 2010 gig in Luxembourg at this festival, as well as  Dirty Kid and CrackHoe.

Fans of electro music, make sure you don’t miss this indispensable event!


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